Why Use Bus Advertising?

Building and Maintaining Awareness
Bus advertising provides a high impact visual reminder of your company and what your company can offer customers. Short burst, big campaigns can launch new businesses, while long term campaigns can increase awareness of your company. Buses are the most cost effective way to keep your advertising message in the market place every day of the year. Your bus advertisement will be a relentless sales workhorse, constantly taking your message to the streets and to the people.

Target Your Local Area
Bus Advertising allows you to specifically target potential customers in your geographic catchment areas. By isolating your target market and using buses that circulate in your region, there will be very little wastage of your advertising money on distant customers, unlike other media such as newspapers, radio and even television. Bus advertising is particularly effective for communicating with "hard to reach" markets such as working women, active people and the mobile eighteen to twenty-four year old age groups.

The ability to change your advertisements economically allows you to advertise monthly promotions or new products throughout your campaign.

Captive Audience
Buses are moving and unavoidable. Viewers don't have to buy a product to see your advertisements and they can't change the channel or turn it off. While television, radio and press are cluttered with advertising messages, bus advertising lets you cut through the confusion and maximise impact. Buses deliver your marketing message to people close to the point of purchase and at a time and place where they can act on what they see. The dominant viewing periods are during the morning, lunch and evening peak hours. These are the prime times to reach potential customers.

Bus Advertising is Proven
An extensive list of research studies and company endorsements leaves no doubt as to the ability of bus advertising to generate sales and get bottom line results.